Why Yoga & Mindfulness?

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” ~ Vivian Greene

Children who practice yoga and mindfulness are emotionally resilient and have a high level of self-compassion. They are physically strong and when started at an early age children set themselves up for taking on the challenges that we all face during adolescence. As they go through life, they can handle the tough times and celebrate the good times.

Yoga and mindfulness supports children to:

✔️ Regulate emotions and enable self-control

✔️ Build self-compassion and confidence

✔️ Maintain focus and concentration

✔️ Relieve tension, stress and anxiety

✔️ Stimulate creativity and imagination

✔️ Connect to the world around them

✔️ Celebrate what makes them unique 

✔️ Show empathy and embrace diversity in others

✔️ Develop body awareness, strength and flexibility

✔️ Live a fit and healthy lifestyle

What happens in class

Our classes are loud and vibrant with lots of laughter, imagination and play. Children are encouraged to express themselves in a non-competitive, all-inclusive nurturing environment. The class concludes with a quiet and calming component where children relax and reflect on what they have learnt.

Children’s yoga and mindfulness is a secular practice that compliments all family backgrounds. It is fun and engaging, it organically develops children on a physical, emotional, social and mental level.

Yoga isn’t about bending your body into the perfect posture, mindfulness and meditation isn’t about emptying the mind. It’s about showing ourselves kindness and compassion, and using the body and mind to live fully in the present moment.

Through yoga and mindfulness we learn to observe what is happening within us and respond to it in a non-reactive way.

This translates so simply to children who are still learning to find their way in the world. They discover that they can embrace all facets of human nature and love who they are.

Where to find us

Our programs run in Early Learning Centres, Schools, Out Of School Hours providers.  We are also available for special events like birthday parties.

Our mindfulness meditations and course can be listened to in the comfort of your own home.

Find out more

Contact us at info@innerchildyoga.com.au to find our more.

We are on Instagram, have a Facebook page and Pinterest boards with resources and activities that you can do at home with your child.

“Katie creates a gorgeous, safe and fun space for kids to learn yoga.

My 5 year and 7 year old love the gentle and playful practice and look forward to the class every week.

They have been attending for just a few months now and have really developed in their awareness of their emotions and bodies.

It has been amazing and special to see them grow so much in this way! ” – Miranda, parent