Yoga In Schools

“Intelligence comes into being when the mind, the heart and the body are really harmonious.” J Krishnamurti

Would you like to reduce bullying in your school?

Or help children increase their grades by enhancing their focus and concentration?

Would like to further develop your children’s resilience?

Kids yoga and mindfulness teaches life skills that children can take with them as they grow. Our programs are designed to enhance personal power, encourage self-belief and build strong healthy bodies and minds.

We educate the children on the poses and yoga therapy movements we use to develop their understanding of how their body works.

Our engaging wellbeing programs are designed specifically for 5-12 year olds. 

Using specific yoga therapy exercises children can effectively process any stress and anxiety the current climate is causing. 

Our programs support the Connect, Succeed and Thrive components of The Wellbeing Framework for Schools.

They also assist in developing the five essential skills of the PDHPE syllabus.  Specifically our programs target the following strands:

✔️ Active Lifestyle

✔️ Games & Sport

✔️ Growth & Development

✔️ Interpersonal Relationships

✔️ Personal Health Choices

Programs include mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, adapted Hatha yoga poses, yoga therapy movements, yoga games, affirmations, reflections, meditation and relaxation.

The class set-up provides a comfortable and safe environment for kids to experience their emotional and mental sensations during practice. There is a focus on calming and relaxing techniques enabling the kids to focus and self-regulate their emotions.

We offer term-time programs of 7-10 weeks to schools and Out of School Hours providers

Workshops for special school events or vacation care are also available.  These classes are specifically designed for your event.

“Before yoga today I felt frustrated, after I felt calm” – Justin, aged 8

We’d love to talk with you about how introducing our programs to your school or OOSH can complement the programs you already have in place.

Contact Katie on 0405 585240 or or send us an Expression of Interest.

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