5-12 Year Old

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down” ~ Judith Lasater

In today’s digital age it is easy to lose connection with who we truly are. There’s a lot of social pressure for children to ‘fit in’ to peer groups. Our children are growing up in a fast-paced challenging world that can leave them feeling overwhelmed. Many children find themselves doubting if they’re good enough.

Through kids yoga and mindfulness practice, children learn to be comfortable in their own skin, to observe what is happening in and around them and respond to it in a constructive way.  They build physical, mental and emotional strength and flexibility.

Inner Child Yoga offers kids yoga and mindfulness classes in a school setting and a studio environment.  We have programs for all children including those with special needs.


“I’ve enjoyed learning how to properly stretch different areas of my body through the yoga poses and the relaxation techniques.” – Charlotte aged 9

“My daughter always comes home very chilled and relaxed. When we arrive home she does her homework straight away with no fuss. She is very calm! I think we need yoga every day!” – Karen, parent

Inner Child Yoga Sydney