By participating in face-to-face or online classes you agree that your child/children undertakes our exercise program and use of all the facilities and equipment of Inner Child Yoga at their own risk. You hereby release the instructor of any loss, damage or injury caused either directly or indirectly by the application of these exercises.

You give permission for Inner Child Yoga to take group or individual photos of your child during yoga classes. These photos may be displayed on Inner Child Yoga’s website and other promotional materials or on Inner Child Yoga’s social media. If you do not wish to give media consent, please contact Inner Child Yoga at

If you’re concerned about your child’s level of fitness or health conditions, please consult your general practitioner or medical specialist before using these techniques.

The copyright and intellectual property contained in Inner Child Yoga classes “Classes” always remains the property of Katie Briance trading as Inner Child Yoga (the “Owner”). You may not duplicate, distribute, commercialize or use the Classes in any other way without the prior written consent of the Owner. This means that you may not put any of the Classes on your website, social media or any marketing material, copy any part of the Classes for anyone else who you work with, include any of the Classes in a book or ebook, deliver the content as part of any yoga program, etc. The Owner asserts her moral rights and intellectual property rights in the Inner Child Yoga Classes.