3-5 Year Olds

”Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” ~ Aristotle

Yoga feeds the expansive imagination of a preschooler. Exploring the world through yoga stories encourages the release of stress and worries whilst helping to maintain a fit and healthy body. 

Live streaming classes are now available!

Kids yoga and mindfulness classes in the comfort of your own home.

Classes are held on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 10.30am.

Your investment:

Casual classes at $12 each

Monthly packages are available at $40.  Your package includes:

  • Unlimited access to scheduled classes
  • Access to our Breaking Breaks, Mindful Moments and Yoga Craft resources
Online Bookings

“When I do my belly breathing it makes me feel all nice and calm, because belly breathing calms your mind” – Oliver aged 5

“Yoga is fun, I like it when we are the animals” – Eddy, aged 4

“Harry has really been enjoying your classes and has been keen to show me what he’s learned” – Chiara, parent

“My daughter loves yoga and always shows me her poses, I often catch her doing her calming breathing exercises.” – Sarah, parent