Mindful May

Cultivating Gratitude

Congratulations on reaching week 4 of our Mindful May program!

As a parent, I understand the juggle between work life, family life and personal time.

Whether you have completed all the tasks, or just a few, give thanks to yourself for being here and reading this page.

We end our program by cultivating gratitude.

There are many benefits to teaching gratitude to children. It helps them to understand empathy, increase their a sense of belonging and build healthy relationships.

Over the years there have been many research projects that have established links between gratitude and happiness

Cultivated gratitude in your home by trying theses 3 mindful practices.

Garden of Gratitude

Come for a stroll in your very own Garden of Gratitude as we recognise the abundance of life and all we are thankful for. Close your eyes, listen to the words and follow the visualisation as we plant seeds of gratitude.

Click the image below to access the meditation on Insight Timer. Follow me on Insight Timer to get quick access to new meditations as they are released each week.

My Grateful Heart

Pausing for a moment to recognize what we are grateful for enables us to reflect on the abundance we have in our lives.

This activity isn’t just for kids, everyone in the house can complete their Grateful Heart. A beautiful way to increase connection within the family is for everyone to share their Grateful Heart with one another.

Daily Gratitude Practice

Informal practices are a great way to bring mindfulness into the everyday. Choose a time when everyone is together. Meal times are often used for this practice. Alternatively you can build this into your going-to-bed routine.

Each person shares 3 things they are grateful for today and the reasons they are grateful for them. Everything is valid, there is no right or wrong here. It’s important for everyone to share and listen without judgement.

Thank You!