4 reasons why every kid should practice yoga

Essentially yoga is about balance – creating equanimity to live a peaceful life in good health and in harmony with the world around us. Yoga for kids is fun and playful but it also teaches children how to be comfortable in their own skin. It develops personal strength which comes from within and not from an external source which can fade, change or leave.

Here are 4 reasons why I believe encouraging your child to practice yoga is one of the best things you can do for them:

1. Practicing yoga keeps us healthy – OK, there are no surprises there. It’s not just physical health. Practicing asana (yoga poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises) provides clarity of mind as well as keeping us fit.

2. Kids can feel uneasy or anxious during different stages of their lives. Through their practice of yoga they learn to remove fear, replacing it with contentment and this enables them to learn and grow through life’s experiences.

3. Yoga develops focus and concentration and this leads to kids looking after themselves. They pay more attention to areas such as their body posture and eating habits and this creates healthy kids. It also fosters determination to reach goals and this helps them to be the best version of themselves at home, school and in clubs.

4. Negative self-talk is present even in kids. Giving children dedicated time in a safe and nurturing environment allows them to reflect on themselves and release those self-destructive tendencies. It builds self-compassion and inner strength.

Kid’s yoga classes are becoming more accessible through childcare centres and schools running programs. Many yoga studios also offer regular kids classes. There are plenty of kid’s yoga teachers out there who, just like me, would love to share this wonderful gift of yoga with you and your family.