“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world in one generation” ~ Dalai Lama

Traditionally, meditation was the goal of a yoga practice. Yoga postures and breath work were a means of uniting the body and mind so that the person could sit in meditation.

Meditation is a key part of yoga.

Teaching kids to meditate has many benefits. They include:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • improving quality of sleep
  • encouraging neuroplasticity in the areas of emotions and executive functioning
  • developing emotional and psychological resilience
  • increasing focus and attention
  • boosting mental and emotional wellbeing

Kids meditation is part of all our yoga programs. Incorporating meditation into the everyday can be done by listening to guided meditations.

We offer a range of kids mindfulness meditations on Insight Timer. Below is a list of meditations that are currently available.

Follow us on Insight Timer to build a regular practice and for all our latest kids mindfulness meditations.

Garden of Gratitude

Come for a stroll in your very own Garden of Gratitude as we recognise the abundance of life and all we are thankful for. This guided mindfulness meditation contains a visualisation and is suitable for school aged children.

Campfire Meditation

Snug up tight and join us around the campfire as we prepare for bed. This relaxing mindfulness meditation helps kids to let go of their day and drift off into blissful sleep. It includes a simple body scan, gentle breathing techniques and visualisations that will give your child a full and restful night.

Peaceful Beach Meditation

Unwind and relax as we visit our peaceful beach. Float in the waves as they wash away anything that has been troubling us. In this deeply nourishing guided mindfulness meditation children release their worries and enjoy the sense of calm it brings. Suitable for school-aged children.

Bubble Bath Meditation

Through building awareness of thoughts, this mindful-based meditation helps kids to identify worrying thoughts and release them. Come and relax in the warm waters of the bubble bath. This meditation is suitable for all children and is particularly useful for those experiencing stress and anxiety. Bookmark this meditation to create a regular practice.

Starlight Meditation

Float into space on a magic star. In this guided mindfulness meditation children connect to their inner glow as they shine their light and find joy in the radiance of their being. This meditation helps kids to build their self-worth, have confidence in themselves and create a sense of self. Suitable for all children.

The Treehouse of Joy

Your treehouse is a calm and happy place, created just the way you want it and it is full of everything that brings you joy. This guided meditation is a great tool for reconnecting children to the abundance in their lives. Build it into your bedtime routine for a peaceful night’s rest. It is also particularly useful during times of stress or worry.

Rainbow Octopus and the Affirmation Reef

Dive into the gentle waves at our special beach and swim with the Rainbow Octopus. Visit the Affirmation Reef to boost your child’s wellbeing and enhance their sense of self. This guided mindfulness meditation helps children to create a positive self-belief system and is particularly useful for those experiencing stress or anxiety.